Mr. Shankar Jagtap

The youth is the driving force of tomorrow. We have to see that they are empowered through the right education and the proper spirit is nurtured.
The young generation of India has the ability and capability to shoulder the responsibility of nation building. What they need is the proper guidance to boost their confidence. For this, proper education is very important.
The youth is associated with energy, ambition, independence, fresh ideas and enthusiasm. Every field, be it science, education, research, technology, literature, music, etc., the youth plays a significant role in it. The youth forms the future and the hope of progress to right direction. For this we need an education system, which not only creates the subject experts but human resource who can utilize the knowledge for social well being.
Education should be an enriching and an empowering process. The objective of education is not just a help in procuring a job but instilling in us an integrity, honesty and a sense of commitments towards the society and our nation.