Mr.Appa Renuse
(Founder President)

It has been aptly said, “Education is the chief defense of a Nation.” If all of us particularly in the field of education have the vision to see, the courage to do, and faith to believe, I am sure our students can make a crystal clear future of themselves under the careful planning and expert guidance of the experienced teachers. I am proud to see that, over the years, our school has made tremendous progress, academically as well as in extracurricular activities.
The faculty of our school comprises of experienced and devoted individuals, specialized in their subject fields so that they can impart quality education to the students to face the triumph with ease.
Every student is instilled with values of head and heart and is constantly guided towards thinking locally but acting globally. Thus, complete education along with state of art facilities and most of all, an environment that breeds all round excellence is what Pride English School stands and aims for.
The journey has just begun and there are miles to be covered. Ultimately, shaping a person to behave like a sound man throughout his life is our motto. Contributing the best in nation building is the target of this institute.
I am sure that the memories you will take from this campus will be the most cheerful and enriching one