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Mr.Appa Renuse
(Founder President)

It has been aptly said, “Education is the chief defense of a Nation.” If all of us particularly in the field of education have the vision to see, the courage to do, and faith to believe, I am sure our students can make a crystal clear future of themselves under the careful planning and expert guidance of the experienced teachers. I am proud to see that, over the years, our school has made tremendous progress, academically as well as in extracurricular activities.
The faculty of our school comprises of experienced and devoted individuals, specialized in their subject fields so that they can impart quality education to the students to face the triumph with ease.
Every student is instilled with values of head and heart and is constantly guided towards thinking locally but acting globally. Thus, complete education a....Read More

Mr. Shankar Jagtap

The youth is the driving force of tomorrow. We have to see that they are empowered through the right education and the proper spirit is nurtured.
The young generation of India has the ability and capability to shoulder the responsibility of nation building. What they need is the proper guidance to boost their confidence. For this, proper education is very important.
The youth is associated with energy, ambition, independence, fresh ideas and enthusiasm. Every field, be it science, education, research, technology, literature, music, etc., the youth plays a significant role in it. The youth forms the future and the hope of progress to right direction. For this we need an education system, which not only creates the subject experts but human resource who can utilize the knowledge for social well being.
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Sharmila Pande

Education – not just a word but something that breeds Independence and a better living. Every child deserves the best of education to live a hazel free life and schooling plays a key role in bringing out the best in a child. More than training our children to play a cut throat competition in the outside world, we develop these young minds to excel in all spheres of life. We encourage our students to take chances since we believe that the best of learning comes from being messy and making mistakes.

Education has received new dimensions today. Thus our emphasis is not only on studies but also on pushing our children to go beyond their limits and to explore a new being.  Our school environment is more like a summer camp that has learning and also lots of fun. Pride English School has been very proud to have our champs playing v....Read More


Pride English School provides various facilities.


With more than 2000 books readily available at our School Library, reading is encouraged to the best extend. The library bears books in of all genres



We have good Transportation facility for student.


Smart Class

The best learning comes from what you practically see.In affirmation to this thought, we have ado


Computer Lab

With the world moving wonders with just a click, learning the fundamentals of computer is the nee


Play Ground

With ground of about half acre wide, sports is the most encouraged activity at Pride English Scho



Physical fitness is the key to ones well being and our fully equipped gymansium gives access to fitness right at the campus.